Pasadena - A Former 'Hollywood' And The City Of Gold

Looking for a home for sale in Pasadena? 

Well, you are not the only one. The amazing nature, imaginative homes, lively business district and plentiful nightlife has earned this place the reputation of being one of the most popular cities for living and visiting.

A Little Bit Of History

The city of Pasadena and the houses for sale presently - were a territory of the Hahamogna tribe of Indians a century ago, which lived off of hunting and gathering vegetation. However, as the San Gabriel region continued to prosper, the Indians were divided and mixed with the Mexican influence and the so-called 'ranchos'. 

In 1886 Pasadena has officially become a city, and a decade after that grew as a place of real untouched beauty, vegetation and prosperous industries. The properties for sale in Pasadena were booming, as well as the tourism, at least until the World War II struck.

Hotels Near Pasadena, CA - Or Your Next Home?

Located at 820 feet above sea level, Pasadena is in the middle of the best mountain experience, beach life at a few miles away and a metropolis style of living within the city. The homes and properties for sale in Pasadena are also known as luxurious and offer every bit of pleasure - whether you are looking for retirement in Pasadena or establishing a family in this city. 

Nowadays, the employment in Pasadena is an interesting thing to mention, simply because of the profiles summing it up. Moreover, almost a half of all the working citizens living in Pasadena (48%) are employed in managerial or other professional occupations, which means the salary level in this area is high, with only 22% of the population selling products and services. 

Buying A Home In Pasadena - The Facts

With around 150,000 citizens and 52,000 households, every home for sale in Pasadena offers a great living and prosperous future. Presently, the 42% of population are married couples, and 33% of them are made up of individuals.

The Pasadena homes for sale comprise of neighborhoods populated with magnificent turn of the century mansions as well as the classic Spanish homes, Craftsman bungalows and Victorians. There are lots of luxury neighborhoods as well that offer the most exquisite properties for sale in Pasadena and gather the higher class.

In the end, the real estate market in Pasadena is well developed and comprises of houses for sale and rent - but also seeing a growth in the number of homeowners coming to the city to establish families. With shopping malls, restaurants, urban district and a great nightlife, Pasadena is definitely a community everyone would like to be a part of.

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