Homes In Chino Hills - For The Ideal Type Of Long-Term Getaway

There are several cities in California with a rich history - and Chino Hills, CA is definitely one of them. Located in the San Bernardino County and featuring a beautiful rural landscape, Chino Hills has a growing population of 77,969 - boasting more than 3,000 acres of open space - but also 37 parks and 38 miles rich with trails.

This being said, you probably know why the homes for sale in Chino Hills are popular. However, this area is also known for its rich history of ranchers and homesteaders, but also a lively fauna including some of the most specific species like red tail hawks, mule ear deer, ground squirrels, mountain lions, coyotes and cottontail rabbits.

Looking For A Home For Sale In Chino Hills? 

The properties in Chino Hills were changed in the 20th Century, when the Boy's Republic moved to this town and made it their home. Ever since then, the community facility and equestrian areas offer a perfect weekend getaway - but also a long-term getaway and a calm life away from the fast-paced Los Angeles.

The rural and untouched beauty has also been the main reason for the development of new homes in Chino Hills and homes for sale in Chino Hills that tailor to every budget and taste. Therefore, if you want to buy your peace of mind, enjoy the Californian breeze yet still be away from the crowded LA, you can definitely find a house for sale in Chino Hills matching your interests. 

Rolling Hills And Beautiful Landscapes

The untouched beauty lying in the hills of Chino offers a peaceful life. However, the town has a great accessibility to all three neighboring counties - Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino through the major highways.

The reputation of the new homes for sale in Chino Hills is growing, as the place is redeveloped and features excellent schools, convenient shopping but also a great community. With a lot of planned public and housing development projects that are underway and 46 miles of planned area for development, Chino Hills is definitely a prosperous place to settle in and establish a family.

The Workforce In Chino Hills - And Some Residential Facts 

As a relatively young city dating back to December 1, 1991 (its incorporation), Chino Hills also takes pride in hosting a young and professional workforce. Almost half of the homes in Chino Hills are filled with adult residents with a bachelor's degree or higher. Another interesting fact is that this community actively ranks in the top 15 Southern Californian cities, which mostly contribute to the city's median income of $93,332. 

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