Azusa, California - The "A" On The San Gabriel Mountains 

Azusa, CA Real Estate - Population, Weather And Safety

Each letter on the San Gabriel Mountains has a value, and the A stands for Azusa, a city that is at the foot of these mountains and delivers the hillside spirit at its utmost comfort. With many condos and properties for sale in Azusa, the real estate opportunities are present and have been more popular over the recent years.

With a population of 46,361 (2010), Azusa is another one of the cities that passes through the historical Route 66 on Foothill Boulevard and Alosta Avenue, along with another small city that passes southward from this route - San Dimas.

Wondering Where Is Azusa, California - And What's So Famous About The Properties For Sale?

Yes, Azusa is one of the small cities with rising popularity.

Also known as 'The Canyon City', Azusa is famous for the Foothill Drive-In Theatre located on the historic Route 66 opened since 1961, the Durrell House Museum, the Fairmont Cemetery and many other smaller attractions.

The glorious views on the Valley as well as the ideal climate present in the hills make Azusa an ideal place for a weekend getaway or a quiet and relaxing living. Therefore, the real estate properties in Azusa range from small houses to luxury apartments and mansions, all offering the entrance to the San Gabriel Canyon, for which the city is known with its nickname. 

With a low-level crime, its own Police Department and under the LA County Fire Department, Azusa is proud to serve the community in the best way. This hillside getaway is also a great location for living, offering a half an hour ride to LA Downtown and a peace of mind and fresh, colder air than in the valley. 

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The city of Azusa is also known to have a great Electronic Services system and a Click To Fix application and a Transparency Portal, all adding up to the quality of life in this small city when it comes to concerns.

Whether you are up to purchasing a weekend home in Azusa, a luxury apartment or house, the range of real estate properties in Azusa and the hillside area is great and has been very popular over the recent years, offering every newcomer a great bonding with the community and locals.

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