Covina, California - A Well-Connected Small City Known For Its Movie and Theater Scene & More  

Real Estate In Covina, California

If you are looking for the hottest real estate properties near Los Angeles, then Covina is one of the cities you should definitely consider. Located on about 22 miles east from Los Angeles and well connected to the coast with many roads an infrastructure, Covina is a small city with a population of 47,000.

Homes For Sale In Covina, California - And The Similarity With Its Neighboring City

What started as a one square mile city in the past has led to a popular and well-connected area with many real estate properties. Covina is a city, which is often confused with West Covina, and although it is a smaller city than West Covina, it never fails to amaze every visitor with the relaxing yet vibrant way of living and the plethora of real estate properties located in Covina, California.

Probably the best thing about the city of Covina is its location. The city has a strategic position and is close to practically every nearby city. From Irwindale lying to the west up to the unincorporated area of Vincent and the Baldwin Park city on the west as well, Azusa and Glendora to the north, Charter Oak and San Dimas to the northeast and obviously the city of Los Angeles at a 30 mile ride on the east - we can definitely say that Covina is a real hotspot for real estate properties in California. 

Urban, Family-Friendly And A Good Choice For Retirement - Covina, CA

The city of Covina is proud to have the largest movie multiplex in the Los Angeles County, which was opened in 1997. Having one of the busiest theaters in the United States as well, the city of Covina is definitely the pinnacle of culture in the California region.

Close to every urban city, many towns and Los Angeles Downtown as well, the city of Covina has a perfect geographical position. Apart from the great connections, the town is located at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains located in the San Gabriel Valley, offering warm and Mediterranean climate.

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